Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Cool hotel - Fusion Suites Hotel, Bangkok

I  stayed at The Fusion suites Hotel in Bangkok on my recent holiday in Thailand.
This place looked awesome from the photos!

It has a modern industrial feel with a touch old and traditional. The walls are bare concrete which give the place a cool feeling and there is wood furniture which adds some warmth and in the larger suites there is a Chesterfield lounge ( I love these old style leather lounges).
I chose the jacuzzi suite, which has a covered outdoor area with the jacuzzi and a double swing seat. It's definitely worth a look for the price.

There are meals and room service available and the menu has a range of items which sound cover quite a few tastes.

It has a good location with plenty of other restaurants nearby.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Duck confit and breast with sauce bigarade

Dinner at the Watermark restaurant in Townsville, Nth Queensland. Great food and great atmosphere!
Looking out over the sea. If it was daylight the view would include magnetic island.
Tonight I ate duck. The leg was confited and the breast was seared, pink in the middle and tender. Oh and the leg was fall of the bone tender as it should be. It was served on a mound of sauté spinach with roast pumpkin and of course the sauce bigarade, which in case you don't know is an orange sauce.
There could have been a bit more sauce or the sauce could have had a bit more bite. Sce bigarade is started with gastrite, with is a reduction of sugar and vinegar reduced until it caramelises, then the orange juice, liquor and stock or jus are added. The caramelised sugar gives it a bitterness which works with the sweet and sour of the sugar and vinegar.
But I love this place and the sea breeze is softly blowing in and the music is cool tonight.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Enrico.s. Ingham, Queensland

I have needed a new place to dine out for a while, rather than going 100 km down the road to Townsville to get some good restaurant food. I had see that this local restaurant "Enrico's", which has been open for a little while, but was not open on my nights off work, was now open longer hours. So off I wandered to have a try.

Enrico's is located at the TYTO wetlands precinct in Ingham, north Queensland, so is brilliantly located over-looking the wetlands, which is nice at lunch  time but at night there's not much to see. Still it does give the place a nice ambience and the walls are  sliding glass which makes the place more open.

The menu is a good size and the dishes sound appetising, making me think I would have to try something else next time.

I chose an olive bread and a braised lamb shank and for drink a Peroni and a glass  Cabernet Sauvignon.

The bread is made on the premises and came out with olive oil and balsamic reduction and dukkah. All very nice and washed down with the cold Peroni.

The lamb shank was great! One of the best tasting shanks I have ever had. It came with roasted vegetables, parsnip puree and an awesome jus. Garnished with parsnip chips. A nice glass of Cab-Sav to go with it and it was a perfect meal.

I did hear when they first opened the service was slow but that was not the case on the night I went, even though  they had a few large tables in.

Next time I might try the duck confit or the mussels. The prices for the quality are quite reasonable too.

look them on facebook :

Monday, May 8, 2017

A tasty light lunch

A trip to Townsville for some good food. I am staying on The Strand, so went for a walk down the road to "Oliver Brown" for a light lunch; smoked salmon bruschetta with cream cheese, capers, red onion, roquette and balsamic reduction.  An old favourite and still good!
A double espresso to go with it.....I love my coffee and they do a good one here.

Oliver Brown's is a short walk from the my hotel, Aquarius on the Beach. You can't get a much better location! It is across the road from the beach, giving you views of Magnetic Island.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Thai fish cakes

Making a new special for the pre Easter weekly specials.
This is quite a big batch which made 20 x 45gm cakes.

  • 750 grams white flesh fish
  • 1 Tbs Thai red curry paste
  • 30gm crushed ginger
  • 30 ml fish sauce
  • 1 Tbs palm sugar or if you don't have it use brown sugar
  • 1 to 2 eggs
  • 6 Kaffir lime leaves
  • finely sliced snake beans or chopped shallots

 Put the fish, 2/3 of the curry paste, ginger, sugar, 2/3 of the fish sauce and the egg into a food processor and blend until smooth.
Test a small bit of the mix in your deep fryer and when it's cooked taste to see if there is enough fish sauce (which provides the salt to the cakes) and curry paste. add a bit more if needed.

Add the finely shredded lime leaves and the shallots or snake beans. Form into fish cakes 45 to 60 grams. deep fry in hot oil, turning them over in the fryer so they cook evenly on both sides.

Serve with sweet chilli dipping sauce.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Fettucine with chicken and bacon

I started a new job recently and had to make a few changes to the menu. One of the new dishes I added is this tasty fettucine. The combination of chicken and bacon is always great.