Thursday, October 7, 2010

Penne pasta with bacon and olives in a tomato sugo

An old mate from school messaged me on Facebook to ask for a quick and easy pasta recipe. I suggested this one. It's a good combination of flavours. Bacon and tomato always go great together. Add some kalamata olives, garlic and fresh basil....yummo!
Hopefully my mate succeeded in making it OK.

I added the recipe to my site and also added Garlic Prawn Linguine with a creamy sauce. They are both at:

Sunday, August 22, 2010

New recipes

I spend a bit of time tonight adding some updates to and checking some of the navigation links. It is very time consuming doing the checks and makes me realize the need for me to continue with my web design studies, which will make the site easier to look after and easier for visitors to navigate.

Anyway! I added a few new recipes

I will be putting up some pastry recipes soon as well. Choux pastry, short pastry and French nougat will be amongs them Cheers!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Veal Scallopini

I started working at an Italian restaurant called La Posada about 2 weeks ago and so far so good.It is situated in the Melbourne building in Canberra city on Alinga street opposite the post office. The main attraction is the pizzas which are good thin crust Italian style pizzas. There is a small a la carte menu for those who don't want pizza. The veal scallopini  is on potatoes with onion and bacon, rocket, herb aioli, balsamic reduction and olive oil. It is a nice dish which I will write up the recipe for.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mmmmm..........Diiiiiiiiipps! New Recipe coming soon

A selection of dips with grilled pite. The dips in the photo are roast eggplant, hommus, olive tapenade and beetroot.
The recipes will be up soon. I have a bit of a cold at the moment so it might be a few days or so until I have the energy to do up the recipes. Cheers

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Stir-fryed squid in sweet, sour fish sauce

Ok! I just added the recipe to my website as I promised. Here is the pic of it again:

Lamb with olive crust on potato and onion confit

This is the latest recipe to my website. It is fairly easy to prepare and serve. So give it a try.
Lamb with olive crust

Final week of Masterchef Australia

So we are into the final week of Master Chef Australia and we are down to 4 contestants left. Last night Courtney was eliminated. She was one of the contestants to get a second chance and last week I did think she could make it through a bit further. Still the final 5 was a great achievement.
So the ones left in the competition are:
Jimmy, who didn't use the advantage he had last night to any great extent and I think he will be very lucky to get further.

Callam. His work can be very good, what it sometimes lakes in presentation, he makes up for in taste, but he does get a bit panicky This might be his downfall.

Claire. She is one of my favorites. She has good focus and usually doesn't let emotion get the better of her. However, cooking is about passion and sometimes you need to show some emotion in it....and Claire found out last night maybe.

Last but not least is Adam. He is my other favorite pick. He produces some great work and has great focus as well.

Well tonight another contestant will go. Unfortunately I wont see it at its televised time as I am going out to dinner for a family birthday. You can bet that when I get home I will watch it on the net though.

New recipe coming. Sweet sour squid with rice noodles

I made this at work recently for one of my weekly specials. I adapted it from a recipe from "The Mezzo cookbook" by John Torode, a well known chef in the UK. He was also a guest judge on the Australian masterchef TV programme.

I will soon have the recipe on my web-site

Wasabi oysters

I came up with a new recipe for oysters recently. At Easter a mate of mine, Joe went to the coast and brought back about 150 dozen oysters. He does this every Christmas and Easter and they are always great tasting.
This also gives me the opportunity to experiment with a few flavours. Waht I came up with is oysters with a cucumber, lime and wasabi pickle.
If you didn't already know, wasabi is a green Japanese radish that can easily be bought in a paste or powder. These days in Australia, fresh wasabi can also be found in specialist green grocers and also wasabi oil.

Trout almondine

On friday night I had dinner with one of my sisters. She had bought some fresh rainbow trout, so she cooked us trout almondine. It was great and it was served with steamed potatoes and green beans. We had a nice 6yr old reisling made by "Pike's". It was all great!

New recipe - Steak Diane

Hi there,

Todays new website recipe is Steak Diane. It seems to be an Australian dish. The main ingredients (besides the are garlic, worcestershire sauce and cream. It's a great combination.
Tell me if you like it!

Lamb shank recipe

Hi, I'm still doing some website updating and added Braised Lamb Shanks  and my recipe for "Chilli Garlic Prawns"

More of my recipes, creme brulee

I have been adding more recipes to my site
Today I added creme brulee, slow braised lamb shanks and steak with pepper sauce.
They are some of my favourite dishes.