Pork fillet with seared watemelon

Another savoury dish with watermelon....very yummy I was told!
I made this a few days ago as a menu special.
Easy to prepare and serve!
I used pork fillet but you could use a nice pork chop or cutlet instead.
Cutting 50 - 70 gm medallions from the pork fillet and flattening them out a bit. Then season the pork with salt & pepper,  searing the pork in a hot  oiled pan, reduce the heat to finish cooking.
In another pan that has been lightly oiled and heated, add the watermelon that has sliced or diced into nice even presentable peices. sear until lightly coloured and lightly season with salt.
present the pork and water melon on a plate. I served mine with broccolini and chat potatoes and dress with some balsamic reduction.
I also deglazed the pork pan with white wine and added a touch of sweet chilli sauce with a dash of soy sauce.