Duck confit and breast with sauce bigarade

Dinner at the Watermark restaurant in Townsville, Nth Queensland. Great food and great atmosphere!
Looking out over the sea. If it was daylight the view would include magnetic island.
Tonight I ate duck. The leg was confited and the breast was seared, pink in the middle and tender. Oh and the leg was fall of the bone tender as it should be. It was served on a mound of sauté spinach with roast pumpkin and of course the sauce bigarade, which in case you don't know is an orange sauce.
There could have been a bit more sauce or the sauce could have had a bit more bite. Sce bigarade is started with gastrite, with is a reduction of sugar and vinegar reduced until it caramelises, then the orange juice, liquor and stock or jus are added. The caramelised sugar gives it a bitterness which works with the sweet and sour of the sugar and vinegar.
But I love this place and the sea breeze is softly blowing in and the music is cool tonight.