My Bayon Cambodian restaurant Perth

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Bayon is a temple near Siem Reap in Cambodia. It is one of many from the Ankorian era which also includes Ankor Wat.
The food at My Bayon brings all the great Cambodian flavours into this funky looking eatery in Northbridge on William street.

Cambodian or Khmer food takes influences from Thai and Vietnamese cooking but doesn't have the heat of Thai food. 

Some dishes of note are, pork spring rolls. Yeah, I know spring rolls are pretty standard at Asian restaurants but these are one of the best I have ever tasted. A traditional Khmer dish is Ah Mok is a coconut milk curry cooked in banana leaf. It has lots of lemongrass and lime leaves in it. Stacks of flavour! The Khmer citrus beef salad is fabulous.
Another dish if you might like to try if you really like all types of Asian food is Bror Hok Ling.
It is described on the menu as; Minced pork & Khmer fish paste cooked in tamarind sauce. Served with a mix of freshly steamed & raw vegetables of cucumber, cabbage, wombok, broccoli & okra.

Like I said you want to really like ALL types of Asian food as the fish paste is a fermented fish paste and the flavour is strong. Is probably a dish you don't want to eat all by yourself, which is what I did. It would be better to with a group of people so you all have a little bit.
Anyway it was definitely worth trying.

My Bayon donate money for every Ah Mok curry and Ankor beer bought, to charities in Cambodia. There are more details on their website and a full menu

If you want to try some Cambodian cooking for yourself have a look at this book Cambodian Cooking: A humanitarian project in collaboration with Act for Cambodia, Cambodian Cookbook

To have a read about the Ankorian empire have a look at this book and others on Amazon The Civilization of Angkor