Australian truffle season

Australia has been growing truffles  (the little black/brown fungi which grows in the ground under oak trees) for some years now and my old home town  Canberra produces some very high quality truffles.
I was recently back there and was reminded that it was the  Canberra truffle season and they were available at the Fyshwick food markets. So I had to get some.
My first time buying truffles. I had eaten them before of course. The grocer told me about the truffle season and suggested  some uses. He reminded me of one.use I had previously heard; put them in a container was eggs and the eggs with absorb their earthy exotic flavour. Other suggestions were to put a little chunk in olive oil for a month or two.
Last week I made a chicken and mushroom risotto  with a little truffle folded though at the end.....yummy!
Today I tried the eggs I had put with the truffles. Just fried egg but it was delicious, it just took those eggs to another level!  Giving that fried egg a  beautiful beautiful exotic flavour.
Tomorrow will be eggs again for breakfast and after the truffle eggs are gone I wonder if i will be able to go back  to  plain eggs again.
Australian truffle season goes from about May to August, if I remember correctly.