Final week of Masterchef Australia

So we are into the final week of Master Chef Australia and we are down to 4 contestants left. Last night Courtney was eliminated. She was one of the contestants to get a second chance and last week I did think she could make it through a bit further. Still the final 5 was a great achievement.
So the ones left in the competition are:
Jimmy, who didn't use the advantage he had last night to any great extent and I think he will be very lucky to get further.

Callam. His work can be very good, what it sometimes lakes in presentation, he makes up for in taste, but he does get a bit panicky This might be his downfall.

Claire. She is one of my favorites. She has good focus and usually doesn't let emotion get the better of her. However, cooking is about passion and sometimes you need to show some emotion in it....and Claire found out last night maybe.

Last but not least is Adam. He is my other favorite pick. He produces some great work and has great focus as well.

Well tonight another contestant will go. Unfortunately I wont see it at its televised time as I am going out to dinner for a family birthday. You can bet that when I get home I will watch it on the net though.