Duck breast with boudin, Carrot and orange puree, braised red cabbage and licorice gel. Couse 3 out of 4. Eaten tonight and The Water's Edge Restaurant, Canberra, Australia. Excellent food and service. A good combination of flavours. All the food was cooked perfectly. Three of us dined and we all enjoyed everything we ate. The standard across the meal ranged from good to very good to excellent. The only bits needing improvment were there was a very limited choice of wine by the glass. Some of the whites and sparklings were ok but the red selection was poor and lacking in anything with a bit of quality and price. This is a shame as the list of wines by the bottle is good. The other back things were the tea and coffee. The espresso I had was average and the bean and coffee blend were a poor quality. Its a shame when so many cheaper restaurants and cafes offer a great standard of coffee. While tea was presented nicely there was a very poor choice of teas and sacrilige of sacrilige, they served a thick coffee cup. You serve tea in a thin's to do with the taste and it does make a difference. It's like serving wine in a beer glass. So overall Food 4 out of 5 Service 4.5 out of 5 Wine 3 out of 5 coffee and tea 2 out of 5 The petit four were great lemon merigue pie